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Why I Love My Clients #1

Time and again, I am filled with respect for the wisdom of my clients.

There are many healing modalities available and all are worth exploring at different times. A very unique healing art is the tantric massage. A tantric massage can be a relatively simple affair that is characterised by the spiritual intent of the practitioner and the surrender to their own experience by a client who agrees to step aside from the usual 'doing-to-someone' of a sexual-sensual interaction and experience just receiving touch. A tantric massage can also be a long process of repeat visits where a practitioner and client will work with energetic blocks, breathwork as well as genital touch. I don't hold any judgement about which path you choose. Whatever you choose is perfect for you.

I do more of the straightforward tantric massage. I am a natural healer and I am adept at moving stress out of people's bodies and channeling unconditional love in. I have studied Taoist sexual reflexology and am also guided during my massages by something 'up there' that enables me to work according to my intuition with each client.

When someone rings me telling me they are highly stressed and thought a tantric massage would help, I utter a quiet hurray. Most massages avoid erogenous and gential zones altogether and much of the time that is fine. But the genitals and the erogenous energy body hold a lot of stress, bad memories, relationship and sexual traumas. We bury a lot of unwanted emotions in those areas of the body, and they rarely get massaged with the intent to shift that negative emotional baggage as you might with a neck and shoulder massage, and intent counts for a lot in healing.

It makes me so happy when someone follows their intuition that what they need is a healing modality that includes all those taboo areas of the body. Sexuality has been written out of nearly every major religion any one of us might have grown up with because sexuality is one of the highest spiritual practices, traditionally reserved for the elite. Sacred sexuality has the potential to give us extraordinary personal power, awakening and peace. I believe there is some secret part of us that still knows that sexuality is more important and enlightening than our current porn-mad or past repressive culture would have us believe and so at some point, people seek out this thing called 'tantra'. Such wisdom never ceases to delight and amaze me!

And the result: clients tell me they have never been so relaxed nor have they experienced any like it. The synergy of bliss, pleasure, the putting aside of any social shame or taboo-ness, the permission to just receive touch and be honoured and pampered EVERYWHERE, the beautiful intimacy and connection between two naked human beings and the soulfullness of this massage is a profoundly unique and healing experience. While nuts and bolts massages are definitely important and necessary therapies, if you are somehow called to explore this strange thing called a tantric massage, please follow your heart and find a practitioner you resonate with – your soul is calling you as well as your body.

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What a well written piece! Never having tried a tantric massage, or seen such a good description of what is involved, I will be booking very soon. You are not too far from me either which helps!

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