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Tantric Massages

Simply Pleasure

I offer a 60 or 90 minute tantric massage. Beginning with a body massage to put you into a state of deep relaxation and connection with your body and my hands, I treat you to sensual body to body slides and a long, luxurious lingam massage with a happy ending. Prostate massage is also available in the 90 minute session. My tantric massage is deeply spiritual, extremely relaxing and healing and will leave you blissed out for days.

60 minute massage £140

90 minute massage £200

Simply Pleaasure is available for male bodies only

Simply Surrender

I offer dedicated massages for those wishing to focus on prostate and anal rosetta experiences. The primary control centre of the body, tender, gentle and sensitive massage in this area can be profoundly healing, relaxing, pleasurable and emotionally integrating.

60 minutes £160

For all bodies and genders.

Simply Fun

For those who are already experienced and excited about anal play, I offer lingam, prostate and strapon sessions.

90 minutes £225

For male bodies only.

Reichian Bodywork / Dearmouring

Reichian bodywork is informed by dearmouring and somatics theory and the pioneering work of Wilhelm Reich and his research into the power of sexual energy as a means to heal, liberate and empower people.

A client-led massage, I will work on the back, neck, pelvic cradle and postural alignment in order to find, acknowledge and release memories held in the body. These memories create a body armour that inhibits our ability to live life to the fullest as the energy required to store these memories drains us of energy needed to thrive.

Multiple sessions are recommended as body armouring needs to be broken down gradually. It may take a few sessions before you are mentally able to isolate emotions and/or memories.

45 mins £80

Reichian Bodywork is available for all genders and bodies.

Tantric Breathwork


Tantric breathwork is a beautiful way to connect with another human being and learning skilful breathing will imrprove your ability to benefit from tantric massage. Sessions are clothed (a sarong) and involve learning different tantric breaths such as connected breath and the straw breath, eye gazing and some simple non-intimate touch.

30 minutes £35


For all bodies and genders.

Nurturing Touch

Many of us are starved of simple affection: non-sexual touch. Sometimes we learn to avoid or reject affection because our experience is that it 'always leads to sex' and even touch between friends can feel dangerous. Equally, many people now live alone and simply have no access to physical affection. This leaves us starved of intimacy, wellbeing, health, self-esteem, self-love, authentic relationship and trust. Friendly touch produces a hormone called Oxytocin – the 'cuddle hormone' which makes us feel good.


Nurturing Touch sessions help you learn to set and maintain boundaries, explore how you like to be touched and held and for how long. This therapy is client-led. It is clothed or partly clothed and covered as for a normal massage.

45 mins £80

Nurturing Touch is available for all genders and bodies.

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