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What do lingam and prostate mean?

Lingam is the Sanskrit term for the penis and Vajra is the Tibetan term. The prostate is the small chestnut-sized gland nestled inside the anus of a man.

Are you naked, am I naked?


I may wear lingerie for some but not all of the session, and yes, you are naked. For the Rechian bodywork, the client can wear whatever they are comfortable in as long as I can access the skin and I wear a sarong or light clothing I can move in. For the Nurturing Touch and Tantric Breathwork, we are both in comfortable clothing although if massage emerges as part of the touch, you can take your top off.


Will tantric massage therapy cure my sexual problems?


Tantric massage will connect you more deeply to your experience of your own body and your ability to be dynamic, responsive and communicative about touch. It will shift you energetically and introduce you to a more full body experience of touch and intimate touch. Although problems such as Premature Ejaculation are pretty easy to 'fix' through tantric massage, I cannot guarantee that it will cure all sexual problems. It may help with Erectile Dysfunction or it may not. However, it will help you to learn about and  to enjoy your body and interpersonal touch despite them.

May I touch you?

There is no mutual touch. I may permit some non-intimate mutual touch if it is beneficial to the work we are doing together. I will not permit intimate touch of me in any way.

What if I am not comfortable with what is happening?

I will never touch you in a place we have not agreed to. However, if there is something  you are not enjoying please tell me and I will stop immediately. In general, I encourage you to communicate with me, and to let me know if there is some touch you really like as well so that you can have the best experience I can give you. 


I am in counselling for sexual abuse issues. Is this a problem?

If you are being counselled for sexual abuse issues, I would insist on contact with your counsellor so that we can all work together to design a program of psychological and physical work that is going to the most beneficial for you.

I have some health conditions. Will you see me?

Before the massage, I ask you to fill out a health questionnaire. Because of the nature of the work and concerns about confidentiality, I will not keep the questionnaire and you can take it with you. For the duration of the massage, I will need genuine information such as an emergency contact and if you have serious medical conditions I will need a letter from your doctor to state that it is ok for you to receive a massage. 

Is the massage on a massage table?

I normally massage on a special mattresss on the floor. If you have problems getting up and down from the floor, please let me know ahead of time so I can set up the massage table.

Do you use sex toys?

I enjoy using sex toys where appropriate and only with your consent. All sex toys are clean and protection is used.

What is your policy on hygiene?

All sheets and towels are fresh with every appointment and all facilities are cleaned in-between appointments.

You must be freshly showered before we start any massage. I have shower facilities. If you are coming for anal massage, you are also required to douche. You can find instructions on this on the internet and you can buy an anal douche very cheaply on the internet or sometimes from a good pharmacist.

I am also freshly showered. I always wear gloves for any intimate touch and am happy to wear gloves for any of the massages if you would like me to.

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